Bulk Movers Aluminum Base 8 Bushel

Aluminum base with blue tub 

  • Model#: 30-8-AL/BL
  • Item #:   155942
  • Price:   $960


 Complete unit: frame and tub. Large removable tub is constructed of sanitary, non-rusting, washable and steam cleanable polyurethane.  Frame constructed of all welded, rust proof aluminum.


  • Features & Information

    Color: Blue
    Package Quantity: 1
    Shipping Weight: 33(lb), 15(kg)
    Freight Class: 250 
  • Dimensions & Capacity

    Width: 22(in), 559(mm) 
    Length: 38-1/2(in), 978(mm) 
    Height: 32(in), 813(mm) 
  • Caster Specs & Spare Parts

    Wheel Diameter: 5(in), 127(mm)
    Bearing: Plain
    Tread Width: 1-1/4(in),
    Wheel Type: Polyolefin
    Spare Parts: Caster
    Model Number: 751, 717
    Item Number: 123588, 122681