Clean Dish Table

Corner clean dish tables 

  • Model#: CDT-14-C-60-L
  • Item #:   399251
  • Price:   $3835


 14 gauge 304 stainless steel construction. All seams welded, and ground smooth. Front and ends have a high turn-up with a sanitary rolled edge.


  • Features & Information

    Package Quantity: 1
    Shipping Weight: 165(lb), 75(kg)
    Freight Class: 150 
  • Dimensions & Capacity

    Width: 30(in), 762(mm) 
    Length: 60(in), 1,524(mm) 
    Height: 37(in), 940(mm) 
    Inner Length: 59(in), 1,499(mm) 
    Construction: All Welded Stainless Steel.