Additional Reinforced Removable Shelves

Reinforced removable shelves 

  • Model#: PAS-60
  • Item #:   192541
  • Price:   $126


 Multiple shelves help you to organize your merchandise. Can be supplied with one top removable shelf. They also are available with one welded middle shelf.


  • Features & Information

    Package Quantity: 1
    Shipping Weight: 35(lb), 16(kg)
    Freight Class: 70 
  • Dimensions & Capacity

    Width: 18(in), 457(mm) 
    Length: 60(in), 1524(mm) 
    Height: 2(in), 51(mm) 
    Capacity: 400(lb), 181(kg) 
  • Caster Specs & Spare Parts

    Spare Parts: Caster
    Model Number: 750
    Item Number: 240565

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