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Winholt Equipment Group
20 Crossways Park North Suite 205
Woodbury, NY  11797
Call Toll Free: 1.800.444.3595
In New York: 1.516.222.0335
Fax: 1.516.921.0538
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   North Carolina

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: TRI-MARK Foodcraft Equipment Co.  
     Address: 2601 Hope Church Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
     Email: foodcraftsales@aol.com
     Website: www.trimarkusa.com
     Phone: 336-768-7520
     Fax: 336-768-1708

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Jacobi Lewis Company
     Address: 622 S. Front St.
Wilmington, NC 
     Email: jl@jacobi-lewis.com
     Website: www.jacobi-lewis.com
     Phone: 910-763-6201
     Fax: 910-763-5610

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Jacobi Lewis Company
     Address: 1305 Beaman Place
Greensboro, NC 
     Email: jlgreensboro@jacobi-lewis.com
     Website: www.jacobi-lewis.com
     Phone: 336-273-0533
     Fax: 336-378-0461

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: C.E. Holt Refrigeration Inc.
     Address: 3316 Gibbon Road
Charlotte,, NC 28269
     Email: none
     Website: www.ceholt.com
     Phone: (704) 333-8489

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Denver Restaurant Equipment
     Address: 6778 E NC 150 Hwy
SherrillsFord, NC 28673-39045
     Email: none
     Website: www.denverrestaurantequipment.com
     Phone: (800) 222-9746

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Denver Equipment Co. of Charlotte, Inc.
     Address: 5922 Harris Technology Blvd
Charlotte,, NC  28269-5300
     Email: none
     Website: www.dec-clt.com
     Phone: (800) 447-3315