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Winholt Equipment Group
20 Crossways Park North Suite 205
Woodbury, NY  11797
Call Toll Free: 1.800.444.3595
In New York: 1.516.222.0335
Fax: 1.516.921.0538
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     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Hubert Company  
     Address: 9555 Dry Fork RoadOAD
Harrison, OH 45030-1906
     Email: sales@hubert.com
     Website: www.hubert.com
     Phone: 513-367-8600
     Fax: 513-367-8603

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: S. S. Kemp & Co  
     Address: 4567 Willow Pkwy
Cleveland, OH 44125
     Email: info@sskemp.com
     Website: www.sskemp.com
     Phone: 216-271-7700
     Fax: 216-271-5200

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Wasserstrom  
     Address: 2300 Lockbourne Road
Columbus, OH 
     Email: none
     Website: www.wasserstrom.com
     Phone: 800-444-4697

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: All Things Restaurant, Inc.
     Address: 1814 River Road, Suite 400
Huron, OH 44839
     Email: none
     Website: www.allthingsrestaurant.net
     Phone: (419) 616-5209

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Bushong Restaurant Equipment
     Address: 422 Bacon Street
Dayton, OH 45402
     Email: none
     Website: www.bushongequipment.com
     Phone: (937) 224-7253

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Cincinnati Restaurant Supply
     Address: 10630 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45215
     Email: none
     Website: www.cincinnatirestaurantsupply.com
     Phone: (877) 214-7960

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Consolidated Food Equipment Distributors
     Address: 61 N. Cleve-Mass Rd. Suite A
Akron, OH 44333
     Email: none
     Website: www.cfed-ne.com
     Phone: (888) 963-2333

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Johnson’s Restaurant Equipment - Ohio
, OH 
     Email: none
     Website: www.johnsonsrestaurant.com
     Phone: (216) 591-9575

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Louis R. Polster Company
     Address: 585 S. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
     Email: none
     Website: www.polsters.com
     Phone: (888) 765-7837

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Restaurant Mega Mart
     Address: 6610 Farifield Drive
Northwood, OH  43619
     Email: none
     Website: www.megamartdirect.com
     Phone: (419) 666-9999

     Industry: Food Service
     Company: Rizzi Distributors Inc.
     Address: 689 S. Arlington Street
Akron, OH 44306-2098
     Email: none
     Website: www.rizzifoodequip.com
     Phone: (330) 773-9111