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Winholt Equipment Group
20 Crossways Park North, Suite 205
Woodbury, NY  11797
Call Toll Free: 1.800.444.3595
In New York: 1.516.222.0335
Fax: 1.516.921.0538
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   Food Service Sales Representatives

     Industry:   Food Service                                                                    
     Territory:  Florida (except Panhandle, FL)   MAFSI:  13
     State/Region:   Florida (exludes Panhandle)
     Winholt Regional Sales Manager:  Win Webb
     Local Sales Representative:  Rep Source US, Inc.
     Name:  James Q. Robinson, CPMR
     Title:  President
     Address:  5500 SW Longspur Lane
 Palm City, FL 34990
     Email:  sales@repsource.us
     Website:  www.repsource.us
     Phone:  772-463-7674
     Fax:  772-463-7675